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Buy 2-FMA Powder is sold as a white powder and this form is the most acceptable for laboratory experiments. The powder has a very high purity that is about 98% and higher. 2-FMA for sale online



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Buy 2-FMA Powder online

Systematic chemical name for 2-FMA is (RS)-1-(2-fluorophenyl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine. The molar mass of 2-FMA equals 167.2 g/mol. The chemical formula for 2-FMA is the following: C10H12FN.

2-FMA for sale online

For the first time, 2-FMA was synthesized during Marquis presumptive test with LC/MSD and GC/MSD. The reaction gave a slightly yellow color. This showed the presence of 2-Fluoroamphetamine.
There is no exact data about the country of origin of 2-FMA. This research chemical appeared on the Japanese market in 2006.

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According to its chemical structure and chemical properties, 2FMA is very close to 2-FM which belongs to the same class of research chemicals. 2-FA is known as a potent agonist for the TAAR receptor. However, there is no evidence about 2-FMA and its influence on this receptor. That is why 2-FMA is considered a purely laboratory chemical compound for research only.

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